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Health Wealth & Happiness

Host: Gary Pozsik

Time: Weekdays, 1PM- 2PM




Gary Pozsik has been in broadcasting in Columbia for 35 years. He started his career with WIS TV as a general assignments reporter. Soon after, Gary became Assistant Sports Director and a Senior Reporter.

Gary spent a year with ETV as a producer, writer and anchor for a bi-monthly, one-hour program called Focus On Education. This program highlighted the positive things about public education in the palmetto state.

In 1980 Gary was named News Director at WOLO TV in Columbia. In 1998 Gary become the first broadcaster in Columbia to own his own show, Health, Wealth and Happiness, and is still the only broadcaster who owns his show in the Columbia market.

Health, Wealth and Happiness airs from 1p.m.2p.m., Monday- Friday and covers the issues that make us whole. The first half-hour addresses our physical or emotional health needs, the financial portion teaches us how we can make our money work for us. The show ends with an Arts and theater segment, highlighting the latest happenings in the arts and introduces you to our local entertainers. Health, Wealth and Happiness is a great use of an hour, you will definitely learn a lot.

You Can Here Frank Darrus On Health Wealth & Happiness!



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