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The P.A. Bennett Show


Time: Mon.- Thur., 5PM- 6PM


Call-in Number: 803-733-5620  Toll Free: 866-620-6620


E-Mail: pabennett@wgcv.net



The PA Bennett Show, hosted by PA Bennett introduces you to the news makers and topics that you need to know about. From fashion to politics; health to finances; family and relationships; Ms. Bennett's 30 plus years in broadcasting makes this an hour not to be missed.

PA Bennett says she actually started her career in communications about four years old reporting to the church congregation the goings-on in her beginners' Sunday school class. It was there that she got the encouragement to keep on talking to whoever would listen. Ms. Bennett graduated from Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH. Her formal career as a journalist started at WYFF-TV in Greenville, SC. She started her career as assistant to the producer for the six o-clock news. She learned the television news business from the bottom up. From news room gopher and cub reporter to show producer and host, she describes her career as being both exhilarating and bumpy.

She currently is Director of Minority Programming at South Carolina Educational Television. As part of her responsibilities, Ms. Bennett produces and hosts CONNECTIONS, a weekly, half-hour show geared to the needs, issues and concerns of minorities in South Carolina. She says much of what she does- the research, the reading, the listening, and the learning- she'd do without being paid. Her job is a labor of love.






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