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WGCV "Share The Spirit Of Giving"


This year WGCV reaches out for our listeners to "Share the Spirit of Giving" with the children who, unfortunately, will spend Christmas at the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

WGCV has devoted considerable air time this year to the social ills and challenges facing our young people and the consequences that leave many of them in the court system. It is only right that we remember to show young people in the juvenile system that someone cares about them and that they are more than simply statistics for our daily talk shows.

The children are not allowed "gifts" like toys are games. However, they can receive packages that include toiletries, personal hygiene items and books.

We want listeners to purchase personal care items for the young people and place them, unwrapped, in gift bags.

We're asking the community to bring those items to our studios Friday December 16th between 9am and 5pm.

On that day, we'll also accept donations to purchase additional items to insure that the "personal care packages" are balanced with necessary items and for boys and girls.

You'll find a list of acceptable items below. If you need more information or have suggestions on how we can further bless or encourage these young people, please call 748-9620.


Thank you for helping us "Share the Spirit of Giving"!


List of items needed









Feminine Hygiene

Hand Sanitizer







Notepads (no binders or wire-ring notebooks)




*Deadline for individual donations are Friday, December 14th



You can also make a safe and secure donation online by clicking on the donate button below:



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