WGCV 620AM is the home for inspiration and informative talk in the Midlands of South Carolina. The City tunes in to WGCV for interactive discussions from an African American perspective. WGCV 620AM delivers influential individulals who are CEOs, community and religious leaders, and local business owners.

Each week day local and national programs collectively provide a healthy platform for listener interation and a wealth of information. Contemporary and traditional music round out the balance of programming each day. Whether through music or talk, WGCV's focus is to empower listeners, and to ultimately improve their quality of life.

History & Heritage

WGCV accepted its heritage as a Gospel/Religious outlet by continuing to air the rich & unique music listeners loved. WGCV also retained most of the programs listeners enjoyed and the traditional Sunday Morning broadcasts that defined gospel music radio stations. In fact, several of those broadcasts still air every Sunday morning.

As a community resource, WGCV renewed its commitment to the marketplace in 2006 by filling the void as the platform for Talk, News and Information for the African American Community. Programmers selected a balanced combination of national and local Talk hosts. Then, WGCV management invested in the staff and technical infrastructure to make it all happen.

Listeners immediately responded to opportunities to share their opinions on national and local issues. WGCV’s programming staff immediately recognized that our local Talk Shows also provided the platform for truly interactive, community based broadcasting.

Guests and callers to WGCV’s daily Talk Shows get to promote events and activities important to them; weigh in on issues that affect the quality of life in their neighborhoods and communities; and, join the national debate on issues impacting us all.

Where Knowledge is Power

WGCV’s commitment to community empowerment is demonstrated everyday. Through the parade of guests scheduled on the popular Urban Scene broadcast, listeners will hear about a fundraising event for the Boys & Girls club as well as the status of legislation providing funding for a new road building project. Gary Poszik’s Health, Wealth & Happiness features guests everyday who provide listeners insight on improving each of those quality of life factors. The semi-regular Town Hall Meeting gives listeners the opportunity to collectively weigh in on major issues impacting their families, the city and the region. The P. A. Bennett Show airs at 5pm each weekday. It offers regular features on legal issues, city and county government as well as just the opportunity to call-in to vent at the end of the day. From ‘live’ coverage of local and national elections to regularly scheduled visits from the Mayor, Sheriff and legislative leaders – Columbia listeners know they have a station they can depend on as their platform for debate and information – WGCV/620AM Where Knowledge is Power!

Our Community - Connected

The collaborative efforts of the WGCV staff, our community partners and our listeners have produced measurable results in the Columbia Marketplace. Since 1999, the 620AM platform helped raise more than $146,000 for financially strapped students headed to college through the Future Leader Scholarship Initiative. Each year, WGCV listeners help identify dozens of needy families in neighborhoods across the city for donations of Thanksgiving Baskets. Since 2007, WGCV listeners donated nearly $10,000 for toiletries and school supplies for children incarcerated at the Department of Juvenile Justice. In 2012, the Urban Scene broadcast, alone, provided more than 130 hours of free promotional air time to community entities. In that same year, WGCV aired more than 87,360 minutes of unpaid Public Service Announcements valued at $1.3 million dollars.

WGCV’s heritage of community service resulted in recognition as a Finalist for the NAB Crystal Radio Award for Excellence In Community Service in 2009! The station also won recognition as 2013 Nominee for the NAB’s Marconi Award for Medium Market Station of the Year!

The numbers, our listeners, and our broadcast peers all agree - Columbia’s community station is WGCV/620AM ‘Where Knowledge is Power’!


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